River Kwai Alton


Whilst the Government has released us all from the legal restrictions of the COVID 19 lockdowns, they have also requested that people act in a manner that they consider appropriate.

At the River Kwai, we take the wellbeing of our customers and staff seriously and we are not at all sure that the current infection rates warrant the release of businesses from the measures we have been taking to date.

Therefore, we will continue to request that customers sign into the restaurant using either the NHS QR code or in writing their name and contact details in the book provided and to wear masks when entering and walking around the restaurant, except when they are exempt from doing so. Whilst we cannot legally insist on this, we do of course have the right to refuse entry.

The staff will continue with the cleaning protocol that has been in place and, will continue to wear face coverings whilst serving you at the tables.

We will also continue with a reduced capacity to maintain a more comfortable distance between tables and to provide sanitisation areas for our customers.

We hope that you will understand and appreciate our efforts to do everything we can to keep each and every one of our customers and staff, as safe as we can.